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Promoting Classical Music

Sonoris Causa is a not-for-profit limited company
created to promote and disseminate art music



Sonoris Causa was established in June 2016 as a not-for-profit limited company, registered in England and Wales.

Our broad objective is to promote and disseminate art music, including lesser-known or never before recorded works. Other objectives include the organisation of recitals and musical events; the development of a record label, with recording and production services; the development and promotion of opportunities for young musicians, as well as organising masterclasses and guest lectures.

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Empowering Artists

Through our services we empower artists by helping them to retain their independence and full copyright of their work. In addition, we offer a service targeted at refining young musicians’ promotional tools...

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Organisation Of Recitals
& Master Classes

We organise art music recitals and master classes, including launch events for some of the albums we produce. This often involves attracting and negotiating sponsorships...

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Recording, Mastering & Production Of Art Music

We offer a highly professional recording, sound engineering, mastering & production service, with ideal acoustics and using the latest technology...

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Professional Art Music Production

Our Album Production Service includes CD production, artwork design for digital publication, as well as graphic design and printing of a CD Digipack with booklet, developed in consultation with the artist...

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Digital Distribution Worldwide

All albums we produce are published digitally on more than forty streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer and YouTube. Artists retain full copyright of the recording...

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Our Process


1. Plan

We start by understanding artists’ needs and discussing their requirements, before developing a proposal with a quote and delivery plan. We believe in transparency and clear communication, so we will involve artists throughout the whole production process.


2. Digital Recording

We will recommend a concert hall for digital recording with sound engineering and mastering using the latest technology and expertise from our classic music trained sound engineer.


3. Launch

CD production will be handled by us, in consultation with the artist. On Launch, the album will also be released on digital streaming services.


4. Live Events

Sonoris Causa organise live events for performing artists, choosing venues accordingly to works performed.


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